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Create a concept map or mind map with a few clicks or keyboard shortcuts. This is mind-mapping at the speed of thought!

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Your content is what matters most, so we put that front and center. No sidebars. No floating icons. No distraction.

Minimal & intuitive interface

For the most delightful mind-mapping experience, we removed any unnecessary features. The result is a thoughtfully simple, yet fully capable UI.

Style with emojis

Make your concept maps even more memorable with emojis. Unlimited fun guaranteed!

Always presentation-ready

Download your concept map as a PNG file or publish a live document which automatically updates any changes you make. Sharing your work is that easy!

Concept map examples & templates

Mind Map Example - Business Plan

Plan a business

Mind Map Example - OKR

Manage OKRs

Mind Map Example - Solve a problem

Solve a problem

Mind Map Example - Plan an essay

Plan an essay

Mind Map Example - Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Mind Map Example - Tasklist

Assign tasks

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What is a concept map?

Mind map (or concept maps, brain mapping, thinking maps) is a type of diagram used to visually organize and present information. Mind mapping can help organize one’s thoughts, breakdown a complex subject, or create a plan. Because of its graphic representation and typically succinct form, mind maps help viewers access information in a quick and clear way. For capturing one’s thoughts quickly, a mind map may be the best solution.

Components of a mind map

Mind maps have a structure similar to a tree. Each mind map has one Central Node (or Central Topic). Stemming from the central node are branches (just like the branches of a tree!). In turn, each branch connects the Central Node with Subtopics. Each node can have a Sibling Topic or a Subtopic. Every node may also contain icons, external links, or images.

About Zen Mind Map

Zen Mind Map is the simplest online free software to create mind maps and brainstorm. With a minimal and intuitive user interface, creating mindmaps or concept maps with our free online mind map maker is very easy and delightful. Our online software also has Export and Publish features, which allow users to easily present and share their work.