Mind Map Examples

There are many ways one can use mind maps in both personal and professional contexts. Below are some examples of using mind map in practice.

What is a mind map?

Before showing you the examples, let’s first define what mind maps are. Mind map (or concept maps, brain mapping, thinking maps) is a type of diagram used to visually organize and present information. Mind mapping can help organize one’s thoughts, breakdown a complex subject, or create a plan. Because of its graphic representation and typically succinct form, mind maps help viewers access information in a quick and clear way. View our mind map examples below for your reference.

Components of a mind map

Mind maps have a structure similar to a tree. Each mind map has one Central Node (or Central Topic). Stemming from the central node are branches (just like the branches of a tree!). In turn, each branch connects the Central Node with Subtopics. Each node can have a Sibling Topic or a Subtopic. Every node may also contain icons, external links, or images (see our mind map examples below).

Zen Mind Map is the simplest mind mapping software