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What is a Mind Map?

Mind map (or concept maps, brain mapping, thinking maps) is a type of diagram used to visually organize and present information. Mind mapping can help organize one’s thoughts, breakdown a complex subject, or create a plan. Because of its graphic representation and typically succinct form, mind maps help viewers access information in a quick and clear way. For capturing one’s thoughts quickly, a mind map may be the best solution.

Components of a Mind Map

Mind maps have a structure similar to a tree. Each mind map has one Central Node (or Central Topic). Stemming from the central node are branches (just like the branches of a tree!). In turn, each branch connects the Central Node with Subtopics. Each node can have a Sibling Topic or a Subtopic. Every node may also contain icons, external links, or images.

The Simplest Mind Map Maker

Zen Mind Map is the simplest online free software to create mind maps and brainstorm. With a minimal and intuitive user interface, creating mindmaps or concept maps with our online free mind map maker and concept map maker is very easy and delightful. Our online mind mapping software also has Export and Publish features, which allow users to easily present and share their work.

How to Make a Mind Map?

Step 1: Start With A Central Topic
Your central idea is the foundation that the rest of your mental map is built off of. It needs to be simple, concise, but significant. You want your central idea to be simple enough to condense down but broad enough to allow for your map to grow and expand.

Step 2: Begin Branching Out
Build out from your central idea with broad, simple themes. These themes are going to be the main pillars of your map. Keep these simple as well, but clearly define these branches from one another. These main topics act as anchors back to your core concept, but they also allow you to quickly see the interplay between all the nodes you create from here on out.

Step 3: Build, Build, Build
Add details to your individual branches, using keywords, short snippets of text, images – whatever you need to really “mind dump” and get everything down on paper. This is where you’ll want to start drawing little lines of connectivity between your branches, too.
Show how different components on your map work with one another, how the relationships of these disparate pillars connect, and how everything ties back into the central core of the map itself.